​Laimute Druskis

​Special Education Teacher


​Community Outreach

Detective Al Franco

Police Programs 

Al Franco resides in the Sacramento area with his family.  He is a police detective for a local law enforcement agency with over 20 years of law enforcement experience.

 Al has a passion for being involved with youth programs such as the police explorers and Devil Pups, Youth Program for America.  Within the last year, he immersed himself with the Fly Brave organization and was instrumental with getting the Fly Fit program started with the Elk Grove Police Department. 

Realizing 1 in 50 people are on the autism spectrum, Al believes in the values Fly Brave supports as it brings autism awareness to the community and gives support to those individuals on the autism spectrum.  


Dr. John Zulli, Ph.D.

(805) 286-7997

​Board Advisor

In the next decade, half a million young adults with autism will age out of school. What will they do? Currently, nearly 80% are unemployed. That alone should wake the masses. These young people have much to offer and as a community, we need to rise up for them. Fly Brave is a driving force in making change happen and I am honored to be apart of it.

Vanessa Bieker, Founder

Board President

(916) 968-5691


As an autism mom, I know the ins and outs of this journey. It took years to tap into John's talents and find out what he was passionate about. This process didn't happen overnight but once we found it, he came alive. We  all want purpose; for us, for our children; for our friends and family. Together, we will make that happen for young adults with autism through our employment program. This mission is one of heart.

Vanessa Magaña

Sports and Fitness Programs

Vanessa Magaña and her family are residents of Elk Grove.  Her family values fitness and enjoys sports and outdoor activities.  Vanessa found our Fly Brave Family through Fly Fit while she was searching for a program that best suited her daughter Mila’s unique needs as an individual living with Autism.  

Dr. Lauren Libero, Ph.D.

Vice President
UC Davis Mind Institute
(706) 410-4383

I am a neuroscientist who studies brain development and autism. I previously served as a therapeutic horseback riding and Special Olympics coach, and currently work in social skills/support groups for children, adults, and parents. In my work I've come to realize the great need for services and work support for adults with autism in the community. I hope to be a part of a movement that meets the need ASAP.

Benita Ayala


(916) 284-3577

Benita is a mother to two boys. Her youngest son, Chris, has non-verbal autism. Benita sits on several committees in the Sacramento area and has been a local advocate for the last 15 years.

Sandy Hall, Special Olympics Volunteer/Coach

Retired, Chief, Federal Parole
(916) 281-6607

The need for employment for autistic adults is immediate. As they age, their parents are also aging. Setting them up with the tools to be independent is beyond necessary. The time is NOW.

Board of Directors

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Kristy Lundy-Seltzer, MA Psychology

Improv/Theater Programs

(916) 402-8803

​As an autism mom, I am constantly thinking about my daughter's future and the future of others on the autism spectrum.  Employment for individuals on the autism spectrum shouldn't be few and far between, it should be the norm!  By working together with our communities, we can provide the support and foundation these amazing and talented individuals deserve.