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Camp Fire Fundraiser for the Far North Regional Center

Fly Brave, in collaboration with, Sacramento artist, Elysha Lopez, Full Ink Print Shop and City Printz Screen Printing, has created a specialty t-shirt to raise funds for the FNRC, as so many special needs families lost their homes in the Camp Fire.

Our tiny budget was limited to the purchase of 100 t-shirts and with the generosity of free printing by our partners listed above, we hope to raise $2,000.

100% of the proceeds from shirt sales will go directly to Far North.  To support this effort, visit our store by clicking here.

Below is an update from the Regional Center Director.

** 11/21/18 Update **

Update on Our Situation from Laura Larson:

It is the day before Thanksgiving. I am grateful for the gift of life, I am grateful for our disability community in the State of California who has shown such generous support of our FNRC community.

We know where all of our clients are.  They are displaced, but safe. They are so remarkable. I saw a person I am very fond of in our waiting room yesterday. I knew he had lost his home and was staying with his parents. I said, “I am so sorry you lost your home, and I am so happy you are safe”. He then asked me how I was, was I ok?   These generous hearts. I asked him what he lost that made him the saddest. He said with tears in his eyes, “my ET collection”.  Rest assured that I made my way to EBay to look for ET collectables. With your support, his holiday will be rich with ET.

We are working to keep us all together, we are working with FEMA to access housing, and we will work with the community to plan for rapid housing development. This is a caring community, thank you. Our regional center neighbors have opened their Centers to us offering us help and placement where needed. We are grateful.

Enjoy this season of thanksgiving, and I will update you next week on our on-going progress.

Thank you for your prayers, giving and love. Laura Larson, Director