Fly Brave’s Mission

The Fly Brave Foundation's mission is to create an employment training program for adults with autism that have aged out of the school system, focusing on three essential building blocks; hands on skills training within the community, social skills, and healthy living.

1). Employment Training Program 
Our goal is to create an employment training program that networks within our community. We want to tap into each individual's interests and talents. Our goal is to give our clients real hands on experience that leads into full or part-time employment with businesses in our community. Individuals with autism are organized, loyal, creative, and inventive with strategies that think outside of the box. We want to tap into those talents and open the gateway of possibilities.

2). Social Skills

We believe in the power of socializing. We have heard many times from our families, teens and young adults that socializing is difficult. Many are even isolated due to debilitating anxiety. Our hope is that through social skills workshops, such as improv and acting, mock interviews, and interaction with employers in our community, our clients will develop the confidence needed to assert themselves in the world. 

Fly Brave also hosts fun social events to build friendships including, Prom Night, a Fashion Show, social dances, meets ups, swimming, run club and jewelry making workshops. 

3). Healthy Lifestyle
Statistics show that adults need at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. We will offer various healthy living components such as running, walking, and yoga, coupled with instruction on the benefits of proper diet, nutrition and physical activity.

This is a mission of the heart.  The atmosphere we create will be one of spirit building, belief in ones self, acceptance and endless possibilities.