Fly Brave Foundation

About Us


Who is Fly Brave?

​​The Fly Brave Foundation is a non-profit organization (Tax ID: 81-1284098) established in 2016 and operates as a 100% volunteer organization driven by a dedicated Board of Directors, clients, self-advocates, community members and parent volunteers.

Fly Brave currently serves more than 400 families through various programs, services and resources and has a volunteer staff of 50.

Our clients are active in the operation of our program through
 office administration and technical support, videography, art design, mentorship and program leadership.


We were established in response to a need for continued supports for adults with developmental disabilities following the school years.

We incorporated with the State of California on January 21, 2016 and received our official 501c3 tax exemption from the IRS on August 16, 2016.

Fly Brave serves individuals with developmental disabilities through employment training, social and life skills workshops, and fitness programs. We believe in catering to opportunities that meet the talents and career passions of our clients.

We are building a bridge between aging out of school and finding gainful employment with an emphasis on community involvement and social connections.

Employment is a wide spread need across the country with statistics reporting the unemployment rate to be nearly 80% for this population.

The early years of operation were used to create social workshops and events, fitness programs, and test employment training pilot programs.

It is through this process that Fly Brave was able to create a business model that we believe will sustain continuity of the program and meet the needs of our clients in the community.

Over the last five years, our home base has been located at our local community center while saving and fundraising for a home of our own.

We are excited to announce we secured our first brick and mortar location on April 1, 2021. 

It needed a lot of work and that's an understatement. Over the course of 4-months, a group of parent volunteers with special needs children and kind hearted organizations like the Moose Association, Sacramento Breakfast Optimist Club, Wall and Ceiling Alliance and retired contractors, renovated the space from the ground up.

We had no budget for the project and it is through faith and kindness that we were able to open our doors on July 31, 2021.

We took over the thrift store and attached coffee shop at 5901 Broadway in Sacramento, CA.


The thrift store was revitalized into the Fly Brave Emporium - new and used finds
New includes: space for local artists to sell their works such as soaps, candles, accessories, clothing, art, ect. 
Used includes: gently worn clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods, vintage finds and small pieces of furniture. 
We also envision a "Boutique Corner" for consigned goods. 
The coffee shop will reopen with an anime theme created by our clients.
Both businesses serve as hands on skills/employment training programs. 
We offer daily courses on office/technology and art/design along with hosting our art, social and life skills workshops afterhours. 

Where does your funding come from?

 Our program is funded through fundraisers, grants, corporate sponsors, product sales, and the generosity of organizations and individual donors who share our vision in helping individuals with developmental disabilities reach their full potential and live a purpose filled life.

We have zero paid positions at this time.

Every donation received directly impacts the programs we offer to our clients, free of charge. 

How can I support your program?

You can share your kindness with us through the Donate button on the homepage; shop at our store; 

 purchase merchandise from our online store by clicking Shop on the navigation bar;

 or share your talents by volunteering with us.

We are always in need of people with hearts of loving kindness.