Fly Brave’s Mission

The Fly Brave Foundation's mission is to create an employment training program for adults with developmental disabilities that have aged out of the school system, focusing on three essential building blocks; vocational training, social skills, and living a healthy lifestyle.

   Statistics reveal that upon completion of high school and transitional programs, over 80% of adults with developmental disabilities are unemployed (California Employment Development Department [EDD]). In 2016, only 18.5% of working-age individuals with developmental disabilities were gainfully employed in the Alta California Regional Center catchment area. However, with support and training, individuals with developmental disabilities are capable of full participation in gainful employment within their community. 

Our priority is the individual first and helping them to reach their full potential in living a purpose filled life. We believe everyone deserves to the opportunity to work in a field they are passionate about. The purpose of this program is to teach the social, emotional, and vocational skills needed for clients to prepare and enter the workforce. 

Fly Brave's Employment Training Program aims to provide support and training to bridge the gap between school programs and paid community employment for individuals with developmental disabilities. We plan to provide the skills and opportunity to pursue meaningful and productive lives, build the skills needed for independent living, and contribute to their families and society. 

Programs that will be offered through our employment training program will include, but aren't limited to:

Vocational Training:

​ - Art and Production

 - Office Administration

 - Technology 

 - Videography/photography

 - Landscaping (yard work)

- Public Speaking

Social Skills:

Role play through Improv/Acting

Public Speaking

Independent Life Skills:

Household Management

Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Emotional Regulation

Emergency Protocols

Time Management

Appropriate Boundaries

Advocating For Their Own Needs

Identifying Safe People

Knowing Their Rights

Community Integration:

Volunteering at local business

(The Sacramento Food Bank, Front Street Animal Shelter, Eskaton Senior Living)

Healthy Living:

Maintaining proper nutrition

Creating healthy meals

Fitness programs

(Running, walking, yoga)