Program Overview

In 2016, Fly Brave's Founder established this service in response to a need for her son John, who is passionate about yard work and has non-verbal autism. Upon aging out of his school workability/transition program, Vanessa found it difficult to find paid employment opportunities for John.  Volunteer opportunities presented themselves, yet she wanted more for John's personal growth and success.  She set a path in motion to build a career around his passion and interests that would allow him to lead a purposeful life.  

Through word of mouth advertising and media coverage, the program grew from one to four clients.

Yard work is scheduled twice per week at a 2:1 ratio (two clients and one job coach).  

By hiring our gifted and talented clients, you are giving them hands-on employment experience through community interaction, social skills and money management.

Our yard work services are performed within a 10 mile radius of the East Sacramento area.

We hope to branch out in the future with additional job coach volunteers.

We come to you with all of the tools needed for the job. 

Email us at to set up an appointment.

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