Fly Brave Foundation

We are so proud of John for chasing his dreams. He has completed his second Boston Marathon and is taking on a new quest, the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

He will run the following qualifyig races: 50k (31 miles) on 2/5/22, 50 miles on 4/5/22, and 100k (62 miles) this summer. 

This will require resources such as strength training, coaching, nutrition and running gear. 

​Each and every race is an opportunity for John to spread hope and awareness that being nonverbal does not mean unable. He touches so many hearts and we appreciate each and every one of you who stands beside him in making his dreams come true. He doesn't stop for obstacles; he runs through them. 

2021 Boston Marathon

Special ​Fundraiser

John has created a new line, Sveve (soar), to help pay for 2022 Western States qualifying races. 

You can purchase the first of John's signature t-shirts at Merch by Artists on the Autism Spectrum. by FlyBrave on Etsy

Thank you for supporting his journey. 

John's Training/Race Fundraising Effort